2021/10/11 12:03:32


I am test text for TEASER. Click edit button to change this text.

I am test text for TEASER. Click edit button to change this text.

It’s been a year of challenge, reflection and transformation.  In these turbulent times we all need a safe space not only to weather storms but to replenish, refresh and plan for our next adventure, to strike out with renewed confidence over the horizon into the unknown. This is the spirit of design research.

Built on a series of listening town halls with the EAD community the EAD conference in 2021 will break from the normal rhythm and format. Safe Harbours will take place online in a series of events between 11th and 16th of October. We are also excited for the conference to include a physical exhibition as a core part of the conference, recognising the role practice has in design research.

Supported by EAD President Prof. Louise Valentine and our EAD directors

Dr. Marzia Mortati Politecnico di Milano, (Italy)

Dr Béatrice Gisclard University of Nîmes (France)

Dr Spyros Bofylatos University of the Aegean, (Greece)

Dr Ja-Young Hwang, Kent State University (USA)

Dr David Perez, Lancaster University (UK)

Conference will be chaired by Prof. Leon Cruickshank, Lancaster University, UK.

We will be announcing full track descriptions, exhibition possibilities and how new researchers and PhD students can get involved in the new year.

Until then, stay safe and dream of new horizons for your research.