EAD 2023 Keynotes Announced:

2023/10/16 10:06:04

EAD 2023

In the 25 years since its first international conference on doctoral education, the discipline of design research has developed into a maturing but still emerging discipline. EAD has taken this milestone as inspiration to focus on Doctoral Education in Design and the next 25 years. EAD 2023 reflects how we lead with imagination and inclusivity in our practices, policies, methods, systems, and values. The intention is to expose how agencies, communities, organizations, institutions, and societies have adapted, collaborated, and grown. What has become clear is that the kinds of research which brought us to this point will not be enough to meet future demands. Such work, which got us here, arguably, will not get us there to meaningful participation and impactful measures in design in all its forms. 

This conference explores doctoral design research and education over five themes, hosted by five higher education institutions:

  1. The Discipline of Design – transdisciplinary practices (Bilbao, Spain) Monday 16th
  2. Living in the Pluriverse (São Paulo, Brazil). Tuesday 17th
  3. Beyond Human-Centred Design Research (Sonipat, India). Wednesday 18th
  4. Exploring the Social Impact of Design Research (Espoo, Finland). Thursday 19th
  5. Extreme Making (Glasgow, Scotland). Friday 20th 

Join our biennial conference to connect with your values, grow your research leadership, and reflect on what is needed to fuel the future of design education. The conference will be delivered over five one-day events in five cities over four time zones. There will be in-person events through advance registration, and some selected content (talks, key-note speakers etc) to be streamed online.


19 July 2022: Call for EAD15 Conference Hub Hosts

Open Call to Host EAD16 and EAD17 Conferences

26 September: Call for Conference Hub Hosts Closes

31 October: Hub Hosts Announced

09 December: Open Call for Participation

24 March 2023: Final Submission Due

31 March 2023: Double-Blind Peer Review Process Begins

26 May 2023: Results of the Double-Blind Peer Review Process Shared

30 June 2023: Submission of Final Print-ready copy

July 2023: Keynotes Announced

July 2023: Registration Opens

16-20 October: 2023 Conference

Conference Venues

Monday 16th

The Discipline of Design – transdisciplinary practices (Bilbao, Spain)
Faculty of Architecture at the University of the Basque Country in partnership with the University of Deusto, (Spain).

Tuesday 17th

Living in the Pluriverse (São Paulo, Brazil)
School of Archítecture and Urbanism, University of Sao Paulo, (Brazil)

Wednesday 18th

Beyond Human-Centred Design Research (Sonipat, India)
World University of Design in partnership with RIMT University, School of Art & Design.

Thursday 19th

Exploring the Social Impact of Design Research (Espoo, Finland)
Aalto University, Department of Design (Finland) in partnership with the department of design at the Politecnico di Milano (Italy), the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology (Netherlands), the Institute of Design at Illinois Institute of Technology (USA), and the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University (USA).

Friday 20th

Extreme Making (Glasgow, Scotland)
The Glasgow School of Art, in partnership with the School of Design at Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh University.

ANNOUNCEMENT: call to host the Academy's 2025 conference


The European Academy of Design is accepting bids to host the next conferences in April 2025. 

The call is global, with no geographical restriction on conference locations. Suppose you are interested in hosting the next Academy conference. In that case, you must have the backing of a Higher Educational Institution willing to underwrite the costs of putting the conference together. A small team is needed with a commitment to inclusively delivering excellence. Please note the Academy works in a collegiate advisory capacity when organising and planning the event, helping by sharing experience and expertise with the local team(s) rather than undertaking the event management. The conference is part of The Design Journal, published by Taylor & Francis six times yearly, and commits to supporting the highest quality of academic research. As the main sponsor, The Design Journal will offer the conference chairs the opportunity to be Guest Editor(s) for one Special Issue. This Special Issue is co-managed by the local conference team, the Academy’s President, Vice President(s), and/or Executive Directors, and in partnership with The Design Journal.

Please submit an expression of interest confirming the above requirements, accompanied by the contact name(s), and departmental and institutional details via email to  hello@eadresearch.org  

The closing date for expressions of interest is 30th September 2023.

Further Information

The Academy was established in 1995 with core principles to grow an appreciation of the complexity of design and design research, its ecosystem, human-centred nature, and rich diversity of subject, form, and context. It is to be of value and service to local and international communities of practice, within the design and across other fields of endeavour, such as health, ecology, science, humanities, management, medicine, and the arts.

Our Ethos

The Academy is an integral part of The Design Journal’s work published by Taylor & Francis. It is a friendly, inclusive, tolerant, inquisitive, challenging, and dynamic community. It seeks to:

  • support the development and growth of design research in a collegiate manner
  • nurture new talent both within design research and across disciplines, acting as a critical friend to help expand the possibilities of self and community
  • energise scholars, professionals, and friends from all over the world in a global location
  • facilitate knowledge exchange, collaboration, impact, innovation, and invention every two years via the biennial conference as part of The Design Journal
  • present world-leading research for peer review, challenge, and discussion in partnership with The Design Journal

We are committed to nurturing and developing our community. We are passionate about promoting design research worldwide in established centres and emerging countries and institutions. We recognise our differences, diversity, and distinctiveness as qualities to be celebrated, always with more to learn as we grow and evolve.