Would you like to Host EAD2023?


We invite colleagues from five different cities across the globe to host one day of talks on the theme of ‘Doctoral Education in Design’; to collaborate and help celebrate 25 years since the first Doctoral Education Conference in Design.

15th International Conference of the European Academy of Design
16-20 October 2023


Benefits Of Engaging with EAD


Facilitate knowledge exchange, collaboration, innovation and invention. Prompt debate, dialogue and discussions that lead to the development of new ideas and directions of research.


Support the development and growth of design research in a collegiate manner. Foster the emergence of new ecosystems of design research theory and practice. Enable international collaborations.


Nurture new talent both within design research and across disciplines, acting as a critical friend to help expand the possibilities of self and community and to enable the flourishing of design researchers.


Energise scholars, professionals and friends in a European location, every two years. Provide a sense of belonging within an international design research community. Cross-pollinate existing ideas with new ones leading to new networks of excellence.