Built on a series of listening town halls with the EAD community the EAD conference in 2021 will break from the normal rhythm and format.

Safe Harbours will take place online in a series of events between 12th and 15th of October.  

As this is an online-only conference we have kept the price points affordable for all, including PhD students who are welcome at all events.



Conference Events

Each track will hold one 2-hour session, these will be spread across the 4 days of the conference on the 12th to 15th October. In addition to this on the 15th October there will also be an extra plenary discussion about EAD and the future.

Successful papers authors will create a 5 minute presentation describing their research, these presentations will be available to watch to conference ticket holders as soon as registrations are closed. There will also be a welcome presentation from the conference chair and the EAD president.

There are events being planned for after 15th October, further information to follow.

Digital Venues

Conference sessions will be held on the Zoom platform, with social events using the Zoom platform and Slack. Video presentations of papers will be available on Vimeo.

Social Events

These will be held in either Zoom or Slack and will be available to all attendees.

Ticket Prices

Purchases before 1st October 2021

Academic £50

Non-academic £50

PhD £40

Purchases from 1st October 2021

All tickets £150