Track co-chairs: Dr David Hands, Dr Sotiris Lalaounis, Dr Ida Telalbasic

Short Abstract:

The ongoing epochal challenges, such as climate change and socio-economic crises, are impacting organisations and bringing profound transformation across many sectors. This track aims to explore the emerging role design can play towards building strategic resilience in an era of uncertainty. Probing into the future, how can design strategically spur organisations to proactively plan for their long-term survival?



This track aims to not only to reflect upon the relentless impact of era of uncertainty on organisations, but also to identify the potential for transformation in unpredictable times. With dual foci in mind (‘design for business’ and ‘the business of design’), it aims to generate critical debate and introspection as to the pervasive nature of design that could embed resilience and strategic agility within organisations.

Resilient organisations are those that absorb and withstand unforeseen disruptions and transform shock into opportunity. Design as we know it, is a discipline that exists between the two worlds of the ‘here and now’ and the ‘where we could be’, offering endless possibilities for organisations and entrepreneurs to embrace these challenges and to grow in a sustainable way. This track attempts to probe into the future and reflect upon where design is now and its potential revolutionary ‘next step’ as a means to enhancing socio-economic prosperity.
























We invite participants to explore the following interrelated research questions:

  • What lessons are we learning from times of huge uncertainty and risk and how can design harness these insights into opportunities for business transformation?
  • What are the individual design skill-sets and competencies which could foster organisational resilience within agile business landscapes?
  • How could design help organisations re-think their business models, and proactively plan for, and enable organizational and socio-economic transformations.
  • How can we elevate the role of design strategies in enabling organisations to become resilient?