To our dear EAD community,

Thank you for your patience as we navigated the disruptions caused by a massive event like the global COVID-19 pandemic.

We are delighted to share details of the 14th International Conference of the European Academy of Design, ‘Safe Harbours for Design Research’, 11-16 October 2021. The plans draw on last year’s Town Hall events that explored with the EAD community what it needs right now from a biennial conference.

The conference in 2021 will be an online assembly created to bring people together to discuss ideas and investigations across design research in a series of activities.  We see it as an opportunity to gather ourselves, to renew our commitment to excellent, rigorous design research while nurturing emerging design researchers. We have made the conference as accessible as possible in terms of finances. And we are excited by this ‘one off’ format where the highest quality papers for each track will be selected for research excellence to inform the open debates and discussions that will be a key element of the conference.

From a place none of us would choose to be, the future looks bright and exciting! Join us in October in a safe harbour to share ideas, hopes and dreams, and to plan new adventures together.

Prof. Leon Cruickshank, Lancaster University, UK

Prof. Louise Valentine, Kent State University, USA